What if you could manage your rFactor 2 dedicated server with ease?

Spoiler: You can. With APX.

Reproducible updates

Run updates as a defined workflow with predictable results. No by hand editing of files, no copying between Steam and the Platform. No by-hand trigger of steamcmd. Press a button and grab a coffee.

Batteries included

APX follows the design of an isolated out-of-the-box approach. Just download the files and launch. Everything will be bootstrapped and installed in the background.

Liveries made easy

Just add liveries as an entry of a team vehicle with a number. Everything else will be done for you. No VEH editing, no search and replace. Participants can update liveries by themselves, no separate cloud storage needed.

Network based administration

You can use APX either using the CLI interface or the web application. Manage multiple servers on your infrastructure. Your events, your data.

Extended validation

APX offers additional validation on event configurations to prevent time-consuming configuration issues.

Open Source

I strongly believe in the importance of open software. APX is licensed under the GNU GPLv3 license. No fee required. No hidden costs. No subscription.

Focus on extensibility

APX offers an python-powered event-driven API

Rich documented

Every feature is documented in the Wiki

We are in testing!

First releases are ready to test!